Always have a pull-up bar

I finally installed my pull-up bar again about two weeks ago. Not sure why, but it always seems to work its magic: I walk underneath it, I see it, and I want to reach for it, and do a pull-up.

Considering how much effort a pull-up takes, the bar has an asymmetric level of attraction. It’s seductive. I never have to motivate myself to do pull-ups. The bodily feeling of exerting the force/strength to pull ones’ own body weight, is really satisfying by itself.

Two reasons I am writing this:

One, rather selfishly, I want to remind myself and take note that I should always have a pull-up bar. It’s a no-brainer.

Two, this phenomenon of putting something in my view or broader environment which then lures myself into repeatedly doing something, which in effect is a sort of unstructured training, meaning I do get better at the thing over time, is such a sweet hack.
If that is a pull-up bar or something different for you, make sure you have it. (As another example, having a piano does the same thing for me. I have to sit down and play it every now and then.)


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